SMP & SSP PROJECT - Analysis and understanding of all risk factors

Safe Medical Procedures Project


Mast&r has designed a project focussed on safe medicine. All aspects are examined in depth.

The SMP project teaches the correct execution of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures via theory , practical application and management.

Safe Surgery Procedures Project


The SSP Project is designed to address surgical issues with the objective of allowing the practitioner to perform procedures precisely and accurately.
The SSP Project teaches , via the cadaver lab , ultrasound lab , PC lab etc. , the execution of the relevant procedure in total safety thanks to the study , analysis and understanding of all the risk factors.
Cadaver lab dissection is crucial for gaining awareness of and understanding of the risks inherent to surgery. Knowledge of anatomy and the ability to define and isolate neuro-vascular structures are essential in any type of invasive procedure , whether it be diagnostic or therapeutic.


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